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  • Botox for Wrinkles

    Using botox for wrinkles is a small love of my life. Actually, it’s a new obsession… I really never thought I would be using it as much as I do. I went from getting a very small dose in my nose—just to know what it felt like in order to sell it better—to now it’s… [Continue Reading]

    Botox for Wrinkles
  • Velashape Cellulite Reduction

    So many times during a consultation for Velashape cellulite reduction I think to myself… This just may be my favorite chat! Why? It is my opportunity to separate fact from myth and answer my client’s primary question: Does this treatment really work? I also get to explain how it can work for them.

    Velashape Cellulite Reduction
  • Getting Rid of Stretch Marks with Microdermabrasion

    As an instructor, I have new students ask, “what about getting rid of stretch marks with Microdermabrasion?” My Story I remember years ago in my early twenties being at the lake and this beautiful blonde girl was dating a friend of mine. She was an aesthetician. She very kindly approached me about my stretch marks.… [Continue Reading]

    Getting Rid of Stretch Marks with Microdermabrasion
  • Tattoo Removal—Before and After

    Most people who get “Inked” make this choice because they feel so passionate about something, someone or an event in their life that they want this permanently “inked” on their body. Some for the world to see, others to be kept private. Making a choice to have yourself “inked” is a big decision.  It can… [Continue Reading]

    Tattoo Removal—Before and After